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Teaching Kids Through Imaginative Play

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Teaching My Kids Through Imaginative Play

With Teaching Kits that Make it Fun and Easy

With both of my boys reading and adding and subtracting in kindergarten, I felt behind with my youngest girl. She was just never interested in bothering to learn those things like my boys were! Thankfully, she is perfectly on track but supplementing learning at home can be difficult. I was so happy to try out these TeachMy Preschool and Kindergarten Kits for teaching kids the basics so we can all feel better about making fun time at home, learning time.

Teaching Kids

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All Around Ease

Teaching Kids

Each kit comes in an expanded folder that stands on its own and I was impressed by how sturdy it was. This is an important thing when it comes to my kids. And each learning section has its own fold-over file that fits inside. This makes it easy to keep everything stored away but organized and easily accessible. It is also simple enough to use that my kids can take out the materials themselves and put them away neatly. Not that that particular event happens too often!

Teaching Kids with Fun Learning

Teaching Kids

Each section of learning materials (it is divided into sections like “letters” “numbers” “money” and “spelling”) comes with its own set of instructions for parents. They are simple and easy to follow and just generally offer ideas on how to use the materials and how to motivate your child to use them and have fun with them. My little girl doesn’t care much about spelling or reading yet. She is only in kindergarten, but I want to foster a love for it all the same. I want to show her how big the world can get when you can read and write. So it is fun to sit down with her and play these games that she enjoys as well.

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My Kids COULD NOT Wait to Play With These

Teaching Kids
Excuse the mess, the kids have a lot of fun with chalk in their play area LOL

My kids are very entrepreneurial. They love making restaurants and stores and playing like they are buying and selling stuff. So when they saw the Kindergarten kit came with a money section, they were tearing into the kit before I could stop them. And honestly, I suppose I didn’t want to stop them. I could hear them sorting the coins and reminding each other which coins were which. It also gets my youngest starting to recognize these monetary units and do simp[le addition and subtraction. And they play with this play money almost every day.

Teaching Kids

The love the included poster and use it almost like a game board, making up games to play with the poster and the coins and “bills”. They even use it when their friend comes over to play. I love that we can share the learning experience. And each section has fun things that the kids think are toys. Because they are toys! They just happen to facilitate learning as well.

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Children can be on track but supplementing learning at home can be difficult. TeachMy Kits help with teaching kids at home in a fun way. 

Getting the Basics Down

Teaching Kids

From simple things like tracing letters to more advanced work finding magnetic letters to match the spelling word, and then writing it out, there are kits available for babies and kids 6 months and up. And once you have the kits, you can use them endlessly. My middle child is in 2nd grade this year but loves playing with the preschool and kindergarten kits we got. He may be a math genius but who am I to stop him from reviewing basic math skills with his younger sister. It’s a learning experience for all! In my opinion, learning cannot start too early, nor continue too late, especially when it is fun.

Making Family Fun Time Learning Time

Teaching Kids

I don’t exaggerate when I say my kids love these kits. I am so happy we got them. My youngest loves playing with them on her own and together with me. She is starting to get a better grasp on the things I felt she was behind on. She is also having fun and is very proud when she spells out a word or gets her math problem correct. If teaching kids was always this fun, I think a lot more kids would love learning. And you can choose from the Baby Kit, Toddler Kit, Preschool Kit, and Kindergarten Kit. They are sturdy and hold up to my kids’ abuse as good as new. I highly recommend them if you are looking to supplement learning at home for young kids.

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  1. I love these fun, educational kits so much. The fact that they can make fun time spent with family and friends an educational experience as well is great!! Such an awesome product.

  2. Thank you for typing something about these. I have a struggling reader, so I’m trying to figure out which one would be the best to go with. After reading this, it looks like a combination of both preschool & kinder may work best.


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